About Us

Sharif ALI has been an Entrepreneur since 18 years old with specific experience in sales and marketing. An administrator of a public company for the past 5 years, he became a marketing consultant for several Fortune 500 companies traveling and establishing a network of Entrepreneurs across the country. Sharif ALI is a self-starter, who possesses a tenacious and voracious appetite for knowledge. After meeting his mentor for Private Business Trust, he has practiced the "Own nothing, control everything" philosophy in business ever since. Now, a passionate Executive Trustee, Sharif is helping others in this philosophy through the system of inter-relating Trusts his mentor has passed on to him. Sharif’s reason for being in the public is to enable fallen humanity reach its highest level of Spirituality by being Creator; In other words, helping others successfully build a business-publicly or privately.


Sot El is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 12 years of international business experience. He has been the leading force in the international success and branding of several music, publishing, technology and media corporations, to name a few. Sot comes to the table with the ‘Own Nothing, Control Everything’ mindset and is well versed in Corporate and Private control of assets and property. He brings over 15 years of contract and business law experience, study and execution to the network and the High Frequency Family.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.